Message from Bob Baer,Owner

“From childhood, I have enjoyed caring for plants and climbing trees. With a love for large trees and no fear of heights, I have applied myself to learning about trees, their surroundings, and those things that affect them. In 2008, I successfully passed the ISA’s certified arborist and certified climber exams. Today, I am thankfully occupied in helping satisfied clients with their trees.”

– Bob Baer, Owner

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Tree Services

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Tree Care & Preservation

Plant Health Assessments, Management Recommendations, Cable and Bracing & Planting New Trees

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Plant Health Services

Pest Management & Disease Control Services to protect your trees from damage caused by Japanese Beetles, Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) & more!

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Pruning Services

Pruning Recommendations, Home Clearance Pruning & Other Professional Pruning Services

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Tree Removal & Emergency Services

Tree Removal,  Stump Grinding, Storm Debris Removal & Cleanup Services


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