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Local Tree Service Peoria IL

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Trees do many things for us: on top of giving us shade in our yards, they give our kids a place to play and may even bear fruit during certain seasons. Many homeowners consider trees as a sentimental asset. However, with age and growth come lots of maintenance and upkeep. Trees need a lot of time and attention to thrive, which is where My Backyard Landscape Enhancements comes in. We are the local tree service Peoria IL counts on to fix any issues you may be having.

My Backyard Landscape Enhancements can return your tree to its healthy natural state, as we treat all trees with care and respect. In our many years in business, we have seen the effects of uneducated pruning, fertilization and mulching practices. If you are careless, you can cause deadly damage to your tree. Trust our Certified Tree Workers and Certified Arborists, skilled in the latest tree care practices.

Comprehensive Tree Service in Peoria

If you want a company who is committed to the health of all trees, as well as the safety of your home, property and family, choose our team. We offer a local touch to any tree task you may need, from cutting and removal to pruning and planting. We offer:

Tree pruning with Local Tree Service in Peoria IL

Healthy Trees: Care & Preservation Services

General Plant Health Care

  • Pest and Disease Control Strategies (Japanese Beetles, Emerald Ash Bore, etc.)
  • Pruning Recommendations
  • Pest Management

Storm and Emergency Cleanup Services

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To learn more about the local tree service Peoria IL counts on, please contact us at 309-657-0571. We serve all of Peoria, East Peoria, Peoria Heights, Chillicothe, Dunlap and the surrounding areas.