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Tree Cutting Service East Peoria IL

Dependable Tree Cutting Service East Peoria IL Wants

You can’t just cut down a tree. There’s a lot of planning and prepping, as well as a host of safety precautions to take into consideration. Doing it the wrong way could damage your tree and surrounding landscape. For a dependable tree cutting service East Peoria IL wants, consider the experts at My Backyard Landscape Enhancements. Our professionals take a meticulous, methodical and respectful approach to every job to ensure the health of the tree and surrounding landscape.

Tree Cutting Service East Peoria IL

To that end, we have Certified Tree Workers and Certified Arborists on staff. Additionally, we belong to the Illinois Green Industry Association, TCIA and the BBB. Our primary mission has always been to ensure your safety, as well as quality, knowledge and dependability of the tree cutting process. Rest assured, we only used approved tree care practices.

Why is Tree Cutting Needed?

Sometimes, cutting down a tree is necessary. It may be dead, diseased or a safety hazard. Heed these signs that you should cut your tree down in East Peoria.

  • The tree is dead. If you are unsure, call a professional to come out and inspect it.
  • There is fungus growing at the base of the tree. While moss is natural on trees, lichen (a combo of moss and fungi) can retard the growth of your tree.
  • Roots are showing along the ground. If a tree starts growing along the surface, it is struggling to manage the land around it. Shallow root systems put the tree at risk for harm by animals, humans and weather.
Tree Cutting Service East Peoria IL

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To learn more about our tree cutting service in East Peoria IL, please contact us at 309-657-0571. We serve all of Peoria, East Peoria, Peoria Heights, Chillicothe, Dunlap and surrounding areas.