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Tree Removal Service East Peoria IL

Quality Tree Removal Service East Peoria IL Depends On

Do you have an abundance of trees on your property? Well, you may want to consider removing some or all of them. Maybe you want to clear the way for a new swimming pool, or perhaps you’re planning an addition to your home. Or, if you’re a business owner, you may want to clear a large plot of land for a new housing development. Whatever the case, turn to My Backyard Landscape Enhancements as the tree removal service East Peoria IL depends on.

Tree Removal Service East Peoria IL

Hire us with confidence for your tree removal project, as we are Certified Tree Workers and Certified Arborists. Additionally, we are proud members of Illinois Green Industry Association, TCIA and the BBB. Our reputable tree service focuses on safety, quality, knowledge and dependability. Trees are our passion and it shows. That’s why we are committed to their health, your home’s safety and the latest tree care practices.

Why You Need Tree Removal

Too many times, we have seen harmful pruning, fertilization and mulching practices that can be detrimental or deadly to a tree. You need a pro to handle this job. Here are some reasons why you may need to remove a tree or many trees on your property. Is your tree:

  • Dead?
  • Unhealthy?
  • Damaged in a storm?
  • Leaning too close to your house, driveway, deck or kids’ play areas?
  • Dropping a large amount of leaves or needles, sap, seeds and branches?
  • Obstructing your view or creating too much shade for your lawn to properly grow?
  • Suffering from interior decay?
  • Growing too close to your house, utility lines or other structures?
  • Infested with disease or insects?
  • Cracked in the main trunk or leaders?
  • Too large for its location?
  • In the way of construction or could be damaged by heavy equipment?
  • Crowding other trees on your property?

If you answered yes to any of these, give us a call for an inspection.

Tree Removal Service East Peoria IL

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