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Tree Service Peoria IL

Tree Service Peoria IL Can Trust

As staples of any yard, trees can provide many benefits to a family. They offer their leaves in the fall for kids to play in, and can even lower the cost of indoor air conditioning. Trees eventually become sentimental assets to a home. However, as they grow and age, problems can arise. Thankfully, you can trust the same tree service Peoria IL counts on to remedy these issues and get your tree back to a healthy state.

Tree Service Peoria IL

Common Issues to Look Out For

In Central Illinois, funguses are the most common disease in trees. However, there are other types of diseases that affect pines and bushes. If you see any of these symptoms, call for our tree health management services. Here is a list of things to look out for if your area has been known for dying trees:


  • Brown, curled edges
  • Spotty yellow, dropped prematurely during the summer
  • Orange or rust colored spots
  • Mid-summer leaf wilting, browning and dropping


  • Large, hard black swellings on branches
  • Sudden wilting of branches or sections of trees
  • “Scorch” symptoms: branches look as if they’ve been burned, black and thin
  • Oozing of sap from the trunk

Pines: Needles and Trunks

  • Tips of needles turn light green, to yellow, to brown
  • Stunted, oozing, brown needles, branch tip dieback. Globs show up on dead needles
  • Entire tree browns up and dies
  • Cankers (dead sections of bark) on trunk, dead sections of branches

Some of these diseases can be helped if noticed early on. As a certified arborist, we may be able to save your favorite tree if you contact us sooner rather than later. If the tree cannot be saved, we have the experience and know-how as a tree removal service to remove it safely without any damage to your possessions or yard.

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For the tree service Peoria IL trusts, choose My Backyard for the right expertise for your sick or dying tree. Not only do we make the best decisions for the present, but we also consider what the tree may need in the future as well.  Contact us today for the best tree care service around.